About Us

Eliezri Intellectual Propertye4 is a unique boutique office based in Tel Aviv.  Our expertise is securing your patent advantage globally.  Imagine a lawyer that understands your technology as you do and who will assist you to have a clear picture of the substantial activities of others in your field.  We are prepared to defend your technology and to facilitate expertise that discovers the boundaries of the protection of others.


Eliezri Intellectual Propertye4 is a law firm representing over 20 years experience in securing patents, trademarks, designs and other IP rights in Israel and throughout the world.  We believe in combined legal and technological proficiency.  We trust that legal education and active legal experience play an imperative role in facilitating the tasks of protecting the intellectual property rights of our clients.  This is team work. We ensure quality by allocating a team of professionals for each and every task.

We believe that the drafting of a patent application is the most crucial phase of securing patent rights. Accordingly, in addition to technologically proficient patent attorneys, an experienced legal advocate is always involved in the drafting of patent applications.

Our patent attorneys have experience drafting patent applications in various fields, particularly in the fields of exact sciences, including Physics, Electronics, Mechanics, Optics, Engineering, Software, Communication, Medical Devices and Homeland Security.

Eliezri Intellectual Propertye4 conducts legal proceedings in all IP forums and instances.  Our firm works in close collaboration with leading law firms providing legal support and counsel throughout patent court proceedings and IP aspects of transactions, due diligence tasks, evaluations and reviews.  Commercial law firms enjoy the benefits of our procedural proficiency, legal experience, and strong technological comprehension.

Our expertise in patent drafting, patent prosecution, oppositions and litigation support, due diligence, legal opinions, trademarks and design ensures our clients the highest level of professional service.

The team work combing legal expertise and strong technological background at Eliezri makes the difference!

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