Zohar Eliezri Intellectual Property, Patent Attorneys and Law Office is an Intellectual Property law firm with associates representing over 19 years experience in securing patents, trademarks designs and other IP rights in Israel and throughout the world. Based in Tel Aviv, we offer patent writing, patent and trademark searches, copyright filings, legal opinions, and litigation services.

Our attitude makes a difference!
We believe in team work. We ensure quality by allocating a team of professionals for each and every task.

We believe in combined legal and technological proficiency. We trust that legal education and active legal experience play an imperative role in facilitating the tasks of patent attorneys (who in most cases lack such education or experience). Accordingly, we ensure that an experienced legal advocate, who has relevant technological background, is directly involved in performing tasks along with our patent attorneys.

We believe that the drafting of a patent application is the most crucial phase of securing patent rights. Accordingly, in addition to technologically proficient patent attorneys, an experienced legal advocate is always involved in the drafting of patent applications.

Our Patent Attorneys have experience drafting patent applications in various fields, particularly in the fields of exact sciences, including Physics, Electronics, Mechanics, Optics, Engineering, Software, Communication, Medical Devices, and National Security.

Our firm conducts legal proceedings in all IP forums and instances. We have also developed a practice of working in close association with leading law firms in Israel, for which we provide support and guidance, particularly throughout patent court proceedings and IP aspects of transactions, due diligence tasks, evaluations and reviews, taking advantage of our procedural proficiency, legal experience, and strong technological comprehension.